Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blog entry: Calder Johnson (plays "Doalty")

Hey there! Checked out the site. Very cool. And the posters are truly hella wicked awesome!

Anyway, figure I'd start doing my part, so here's a brief history of me and the theater... This production feels like coming full-circle in some ways. Not so long ago, after hanging out far too late into the night with a few friends, I was convinced to sign onto HSU's production of Camelot (which also happened to be directed by Bernadette) as Sir Colgrevance, a.k.a. Misc. Chorus Knight #3. I had a kickin' enough time of it that I decided to keep at it, and ended up involved with several other local productions. These have included Cabaret at the North Coast Rep, along with Voice of the Prairie and Romeo and Juliet back here at HSU.

Being a first year grad student, I was initially unsure if putting the time required into a production was really all that wise, but working on Translations has been one of the more rewarding things I've done for for quite a while. The script is full of depth and character, the cast is all spot on and a real crack to be working with, and it's a pleasure to be directed by someone as talented and well-intentioned as Bernadette. All in all, it's one bang-up experience.



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