Monday, October 17, 2005

Blog Entry: Calder

Production Update! We've all managed to survive Tech Weekend, against all odds. ;) Tempers were surprisingly sedate all round for the most part, considering that we were in there from 9 until 6 on Saturday,with another tech run-through on Sunday. And that's just us spoiled actors, the tech crew were pushing hours I don't even want to thinkabout...

Speaking of, this'd be an excellent time for me to give a big old shout of appreciation to our truly awesome tech and stagecrew. The amount of work you folks have put into this show and what'scome out of that is really pretty amazing. :)I always get a major kick out of the rush of excitement in the weekleading up to opening. The additions to the set and design keep rolling in, and there's a palpable sense of all this activity buildingup to something swiftly approaching. And on the topic of 'swiftlyapproaching', I have a make-up appointment in 5. First dress rehearsal, 7 pm tonight. It's coming down to the wire... =)-Calder


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